UFO flying over the Yuma/Foothills, AZ area on a cold December night

On a cold December night around 10 p.m., Christina Kylochko and a friend of hers were driving from Foothills, AZ to Yuma, AZ on Gila Ridge Road while having a nice conversation when all of a sudden, they saw something that made them stop their discussion and shift their attention to the nighttime sky. Christina described the object that they saw that night as a shining green and red light flying through the sky and suddenly disappearing. Christina stated that the object couldn’t have disappeared behind a mountain or trees since there were none on the object’s trajectory. After the sighting, Christina heard from a friend of her sister who lived around the area of the event describing a light shining green and red lights and then disappearing.

What could Christina and her friend have seen that night? The famous Yuma Proving Grounds and the Marine Corps Air Station could offer explanation since aircraft are seen flying all the time around the Yuma/Foothills area. Though by that explanation, it would imply that Yuma citizens are not strangers to aircraft and are not likely to confuse helicopters and jets with UFOs. Also, how can the sudden disappearance of the object be explained? Again it is up to the reader to decide.

–Abel Muñiz Jr., UFOs Over the Desert