Shameless advertising- Using a fake UFO to promote grocery store in San Luis Rio Colorado, Mx

During the Mid-90s, a renewed interest on the subject of UFOs was sparked in modern culture by movies like “Independence Day” to actual events like the Phoenix lights on 1997. It seemed like one could not get away from UFOs. If Hollywood was taking advantage of the attention that was being given to UFOs, why couldn’t others? This was the case of a market store in San Luis Rio Colorado Sonora, Mexico (a border town) in the early 1990s. B&H was a local grocery store located in San Luis where the owner got the idea to use the public’s interest on UFOs to promote his store. Using a remote control airplane and customizing to look like an UFO, the owner of B&H started flying his remote control “UFO” around San Luis, sometimes even flying it close to the border so people in the U.S. could see it too.

Maria Muñiz remembers how the fake UFO flew just over nearby houses and  landed somewhere on the outskirts of the city. Though like many, she noticed something weird on the side of the strange aircraft. What were the people seeing in the side of the fake UFO that was even stranger than the actual aircraft? Well, the fake UFO was using electronic signage that had a message promoting the B&H store. Even though there were some people who actually read the message and knew immediately that it was a marketing ploy, those who saw the fake UFO from afar actually fell for the trick and thought that they were witnessing a real UFO. With time, the UFO craze died down and eventually people stopped seeing the B&H UFO. Concurrently, B&H closed down some time later.

Such a story makes one think how some people can be clever enough to pull schemes like these and trick people. Next time a UFO is flying near the skies, pay close attention because it might not be what it seems.