Strange lights seen shooting across the sky through Arizona, Southern California and Nevada

On Sept. 14, 2011 around 7p.m to 8:30p.m, people living in Arizona, Southern California, and Nevada reported seeing bright green lights shoot across the sky. Yohanna Cuen, Jose Quintana and Melissa Rodriguez who are all from the Yuma/Somerton, Arizona area reported seeing this event on Wednesday night. Yohanna Cuen, stated that they all saw two bright green lights that were flashing as they crossed the sky followed by two other lights. The Los Angeles Time reported that meteorologist Curt Kaplan of the National Weather Service stated it was just probably a meteor moving from west to east.  The L.A. Times also reported that a Federal Aviation administrator commented that it was not related to any aircraft activity. Also, NASA had reported that by the end of September, the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite would fall to earth. Whether it was this that people saw has not been stated by NASA. A television station Fox 5 has a video of the flying object that was taken in the San Diego area. ABC15 from the Phoenix area also has video and photographic evidence of what people described as an orange light.

Update: September 15, 2011- Veronica McGregor, a spokeswoman at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, has stated that what people saw was probably a tiny piece (the size of basketball) of an asteroid that burned up while entering the atmosphere. Source CNN

What makes this sighting weird is that they are reporting how the object started to slow down and fly horizontally before disappearing while also behaving irrationally unlike something that falls from the sky. Even though meteors sometimes seem to follow this pattern, it is because of optical illusions and the point where one is watching the event. Also, like the sighting reported by ABC15, some people in Arizona saw a bright orange light before seeing the lights people saw shooting across the sky. Another weird fact about this sighting is how many people saw shootings lights from as early as 7p.m. to as late as 8:30 p.m.

What did witnesses report seeing? Was it a meteor shower? Was it the debris of a dead satellite? Or did witnesses see the debris of a UFO?

–Abel Muñiz Jr., UFOs Over the Desert